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Advance Point of Sale – (POS)

Advanced POS systems have evolved over the past decade. Historically complex technology, installations and maintenance had a hefty price tag, which precluded most SMBs from even considering a POS system for their business. Today there are dozens of leading POS systems available; many with the flexibility to be personalized for a wide variety of different business types.

Take a look at our ever-growing list of the latest pre-certified payment devices, We’ve put together a selection of the industry’s most popular payment devices.

Countertop Devices

Clover Station


Delivered in a sleek, countertop friendly configuration, Clover Station features:

Ingenico iPP320


The Ingenico iPP320 is a perfect Consumer facing payment solution

Verifone VX820


Multi-lane Devices

Clover Mini


Clover Flex


Ingenico iSC250


A compact payment powerhouse, making a large impact at the point of sale

Verifone MX915