Real-Time Fraud Detect Overview

Detect Fraud Before it happens with Real-Time Fraud Detect

Sixty-two percent of companies were subjected to attempted or actual payment fraud in 20141. As the payment processing landscape continues to evolve, the opportunities for fraudulent activity will as well; with the expected rise in credit card use and the advance of mobile payment technology, it is predicted that the need for cyber security around payment processes will only increase.

Real-Time Fraud Detect software allows a merchant to anticipate and defend against fraudulent activity. Merchants can configure extensive filters to detect suspicious transactions before they’re approved, and additionally, are provided with enhanced reporting capabilities that give them access to all the information they need to root out fraudsters for good. 

How does Real-Time Fraud Detect Work ?

With Real-Time Fraud Detect, merchants will have the ability to:

Who Needs Real-Time Fraud Detect ?

Although most businesses could benefit from advanced security when accepting payments, some merchants are particularly prone to fraud:

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